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  • Publicly Recorded Lawful Documentation
    We have all been deceived into positions of contracted slaves to corporate governments that are satanic at their essence. Having learned of this, i subsequently produced and dispatched the following documents addressing various official agents of fraud-stained departments. i highly encourage others to read through a few of them, and perhaps to consider taking similar steps toward freedom from legal tyranny. If one finds that they are not in a position to disentangle themselves at present, fair enough, everyone has the freedom to contract as they like. But let’s not stay in the dark about what is going on within this sinister world government regime. Non-consensual, deceptive contracting is heinous, and the least we can do is educate ourselves and others on the rampant fraud that we have all been hoodwinked into by foreign occupying Corporate Government Agencies.

    Come back to solid ground, my friends. Then transcend…..

    Note: do not send such documents to Government Agents unless you know what it all means, why it is written the way it is, and how your documentation should differ to mine based on your specific situation. Please contact me if you need assistance, and keep in mind that you will need to address the Principal Agents in your country for any Department that you have any contract or affiliation with. Also, be careful not to cross jurisdictions, and please educate yourselves on Debased DOG-LATIN – see resources page.

    You’ll notice that i have “conveyed” to the land and soil of Australia, rather than ‘re-conveyed’, as i was not born in Australia, but in New Zealand. This is an example of how the wording is quite specific like this, and not haphazard, so please don’t hesitate to ask why things are written the way they are if you’re not already fairly well versed in this (purposely) confusing stuff.

    All these i have sent to Agents at physical addresses, as opposed to P.O Boxes and such. Apparently this is important, amongst other things. There are follow up procedures also, such as writing a Notice accepting their tacit agreement after the time period given for them to rebut the Affidavit has expired. Also putting a brief notice in the Newspaper sharing publicly what has taken place is strong action to take. i will share my examples here soon enough.

    One last thing. i don’t like computers very much, so this page will most likely sit untouched by me much of the time. However, when i do happen send further Notices or Affidavit’s, or other relevant material, to government agencies, i will be sure to include them here if i feel they may be helpful, or at least inspiring, for others. So please visit this site now and then to check in on any potential developments. Also, if i have any face-to-face interactions with corporate Agents and i manage to capture them on video or voice recording, then that will also be posted here.

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